Top 10 Tips on How to Survive SEM


Photo Credit: No Credit Check Mobiles

1. A fan is a must!
You will actually die if this step is not followed. From day one make sure your fan is buzzing away because this building literally turns into a sauna so regularly that it almost becomes the norm. You think winter will stop you from turning it on, well, think again, it never stopped me.

2. Window de-rattlers!
Sounds silly, I know, but these windows rattle like crazy when it’s windy. All you need to do is cut up a shoe box and insert the cardboard cut outs into the gaps in the window frame, it works a treat. Ahh… peace at last!

3. Lock your door!
From people hiding in your wardrobe ready to jump out and scare you when the moment is right, to the pranksters who always like to have the last laugh, locking your door is key. Surprisingly these things have only ever happened to me while I’ve been on campus, but that will ever stop anyone. Remember to always lock your door folks.

4. Always take your keys with you!
Whenever you leave the building make sure your keys are attached to you somehow. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway down to the laundry, and then you all of a sudden realise you’ve left your keys in your room, so now you’re stranded outside. Asking someone over the intercom to let you in is a risky move, but then waiting at the door for someone to come out could take hours. You can’t win really!

5. Hallway hangs!
Hanging out in the hallway is one of the best ways to socialise after a long day of uni, on a weekend or simply just because. This spontaneous social gathering is one of many, but simply the only brilliant way to catch up on all the goss from that day or wherever the conversation takes you. It wouldn’t be a true hallway hang if you didn’t have to step/ half trip over the obstacle course of legs as you make your way to your room.

6. Keeping your neighbours in your best interests! 
Nobody likes a noisy neighbour, but hey, the walls are pretty much paper thin, it’s hard not to be heard on the other side of the wall sometimes. I would recommend though, making sure your alarm that on the odd occasion does go off at 6:30am, can’t be heard on the other side of the wall. Whoops, my bad. Turning the default vibrations off and the volume down is a quick and easy fix to this problem.

7. Bread run!
A Friday night signifies what we’ve been waiting for all week, leftover bread from the bakery. Going down early is important if you want to have first pick, and can therefore get what you want. A later arrival generally leaves you disappointed, as the icing has been knocked off the last bun, and you are filled with regret for the rest of the night.

8. Getting more than one dessert!
The desserts are definitely one of the best things about staying here, so why stop at one? Strive for greatness, I say. This goal can only really be achieved when items such as muffins or slices are on the menu because they are much easier to stealthily nab. Also, for practicality purposes, you can carry them in your hands back up to your room without making a complete and utter mess.

9. Never ever try the Apricot Chicken!
You may think your Mum’s Apricot Chicken is one of the best meals you’ve ever tasted, but avoid it like the plague at SEM. Only eat it if desperate times call for desperate measures and you somehow managed to land yourself at the back of the line, and without fail, the person in front of you has just taken the last sausage. If this happens, it will be without a doubt, the worst day of your SEM life.

10. Live SEM life to the fullest!
SEM life is only short-lived, and when lived to the fullest, you will have the time of your life. So, enjoy it while it lasts, you can never get that time back.

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