Love is in the Air


There’s nothing better than hearing of a little romance brewing in the boarding house, which inevitably becomes the continual talk of SEM.

From the cute lovey dovey couples, to the more romantic, a SEM relationship is endless, and has in the past led to that much anticipated diamond ring.

I don’t doubt that the tradition will continue to thrive as the romances are kept alive and sparkling even after their SEM lives have come to an end.

Some romances remain very obvious from the start, the physical chemistry gives it all away, while others take you by surprise.

Trying to go on a sneaky date with your other half is non-existent at SEM, someone will always find out, and before long, everyone knows.

If the one person who does find out just by chance manages to keep it a secret, the cat will always get let out of the bag during awards- a secret is never a secret forever.

A hallway hang is definitely the best place to catch up on all the goss from someone’s date, which is always denied as a ‘date’, but getting the full details is highly important.

No two couples are the same, but that just makes a hallway hang the place to be whenever someone arrives home from their date.

It’s always a nice surprise to walk out of your room in the morning to witness a true romance in it’s early stages- a red rose proudly duct taped to someone’s door with a hand written letter attached.

And then there’s that guy you think lives on pink floor because you cross paths with him nearly every morning, but that’s all part of it, right?

We all love (well not quite as much as his girlfriend does) the friendly ex-boarder who pops in on a regular basis, his dedication is truly inspiring.

There’s also the couple who you continue to forget are actually an item because they act more like friends than anything else.

You can’t go past the couple who you thought were in a relationship well before they were, but it seems nothing’s changed now that they’re official.

Finally we have the unofficial couples who show strong signs of being in a relationship, although plan to keep us in our misery by staying this way.

I would love to see this number one hit of all time become the official backing music for the announcement of every future SEM romance. I endeavour to make this happen.

Love is in the Air- proudly brought to you by John Paul Young!

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