The Wide World of Colleges

  Photo Credit: Harvard University Student Blog The Harvard University College Blog has all you need to know about college life in general, through to events and typical study habits. A more personal touch is made through the decision to have personal accounts from a number of students who provide their own opinions on college…… Continue reading The Wide World of Colleges

Reviewing the Other Side of the Country

Photo Credit: USQ Residential Colleges Even though SEM is pretty great, there are residential colleges right across Australia, and also around the world that are definitely up there. A highly recommended one is the University of South Queensland Residential College, which surprisingly adopts many of the same principles as we do here at SEM. The concept…… Continue reading Reviewing the Other Side of the Country

Top 10 Tips on How to Survive SEM

Photo Credit: No Credit Check Mobiles 1. A fan is a must! You will actually die if this step is not followed. From day one make sure your fan is buzzing away because this building literally turns into a sauna so regularly that it almost becomes the norm. You think winter will stop you from…… Continue reading Top 10 Tips on How to Survive SEM

Love is in the Air

There’s nothing better than hearing of a little romance brewing in the boarding house, which inevitably becomes the continual talk of SEM. From the cute lovey dovey couples, to the more romantic, a SEM relationship is endless, and has in the past led to that much anticipated diamond ring. I don’t doubt that the tradition…… Continue reading Love is in the Air

Wit, Cringes and all Things Glamour

Awards’ Night is held every second Thursday at SEM, which sees a great divide split the lads and gals into two vicious herds. Well, that’s not really the case, but the lads would like to see it this way, although in reality, they just lap up the banter. It’s quite questionable as to what the…… Continue reading Wit, Cringes and all Things Glamour

Between a Pond and the Ocean

Everyone finishes high school having made countless friendships over the course of their 13 years of schooling. Some of these we keep close to us and continue to swim beside, while others turn down a different path, as we push on through to the ocean. Along this journey, we come across people who are just…… Continue reading Between a Pond and the Ocean

The Secret’s Out!

Since moving to SEM, everyone has had to overcome many obstacles and we have faced challenges we never thought we would tackle alone, like the washing. Even though we all love it here, everyone secretly wishes they were still living at home so they could get their Mum to do their washing for them. We have…… Continue reading The Secret’s Out!