Wit, Cringes and all Things Glamour


Awards’ Night is held every second Thursday at SEM, which sees a great divide split the lads and gals into two vicious herds.

Well, that’s not really the case, but the lads would like to see it this way, although in reality, they just lap up the banter.

It’s quite questionable as to what the lads actually do during their awards, as we make the extra effort to avoid the viciousness of their herd.

I was fortunate enough to hear some real talk from Clancy, the Skull Cap Champion after having a chat with him late this afternoon about how he describes the lad’s awards.

“An incredibly loud and raucous group of guys having a lot of fun and getting a little bit tipsy.”

Generally adding to this raucous group is the sound of their vocal cords hitting a Thursday night off on a high note.

“A highlight of awards would certainly have to be singing SEM’s unofficial anthem, Float Away by Council.”

The gals, on the other hand, have things much more under control, maybe not so much the laughter, but we pride ourselves on maintaining a civil environment.

The night is always full of laughter, as everyone recounts the stupid, piggy, bitchy and romantic happenings from the last fortnight.

We also take the time to admire those who have been a ‘goody two-shoes’, or have pulled a classic prank to become ‘joker’ worthy, as well as those who have been nominated for Photo of the Week.

Many of these awards have frequent winners who generally pride themselves on their ability to do such things.

Even though self noms are frowned upon by all, frequent award recipients often use this technique to continue their overarching reign.

In some cases, self noms can turn into the most hilarious and memorable of all, especially when the story involves one of the best SEM washing disasters of all time.

During awards we often play games to switch things up a bit, like musical chairs, which somehow managed to turnout much more violent than I ever remember it being in primary school.

We aren’t always that violent though, well certainly not when we sensed our inner granny for ‘Oldies Night’ and enjoyed a good ol’ game of Bingo.

Oldies Night was one of our many themed nights we’ve had over the course of this year, where we turned the Student Centre into the ‘Activities Hall’ to rock on in a similar fashion to our grandparents.

Some of the other themed nights we’ve had include: Toga Night, 2000s Night, Hippies vs. Hipsters and Back 2 Skwl Night.

Our final awards for 2016 was held a couple of weeks ago during Sunday Sesh, which saw all of the spectacular happenings from this year come bounding back out of the box again for yet a few more chuckles!

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