The Secret’s Out!


Since moving to SEM, everyone has had to overcome many obstacles and we have faced challenges we never thought we would tackle alone, like the washing.

Even though we all love it here, everyone secretly wishes they were still living at home so they could get their Mum to do their washing for them.

We have learnt to suck it up and deal with it, as there is no point whinging when the end result leaves you with a mountain of washing and an even bigger problem than what you started with.

One of the Freshers, Caitlin, made a big confession to me the other day, which really took me by surprise.

“Before moving to SEM, I had never used a washing machine, my Mum had always done it for me,” she says.

She went on further to say, initially this was one of the biggest obstacles she had to overcome, as she was very dependent on someone else doing the continuous dreaded cycle of washing for her.

My experience, on the other hand, was quite different to this, where I was familiar with using a washing machine and was regularly landed with this job, given my two brothers refused to do such a heinous crime.

Even though I prided myself on being able to show off my wonderful skills to my fellow Freshers, involving the fine art of washing, I confess the importance of reading the signs on the wall was not on my mind.

I may have been too excited when doing my first load of washing at SEM, to the point where I put the detergent where the fabric softener is supposed to go, only realising once I had tipped the whole scoop in.

Looking back on the situation now, the washing machine probably wasn’t going to blow up as a result of this, but I was determined to get every particle of detergent out of there just to make sure my SEM life didn’t literally start with a bang!

Last week I experienced another washing disaster where I mistakenly used the oldest washing machine in the laundry, which is a ‘no go zone’ according to all of the second years’.

Deciding to do my washing on the warmest day of the week was definitely another rookie mistake, as every man and their dog had the same idea in mind.

The only washing machine left was in the ‘no go zone’, but it was screaming out my name, surely it couldn’t be that bad?!

I opened the lid of the machine, and without hesitating, I proceeded to throw my washing in, humming to myself as I went.

In the next breath, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that for some strange reason all of my clothes were floating!

I quickly scooped them up, immediately realising the washing machine was half full of water because it hadn’t drained away properly since its last cycle.

Despite my year as a Fresher drawing to a close, I am still incompetent in doing washing to a satisfactory standard, maybe I could learn a thing or two from those who only learnt this year?!

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