Introducing SEM Life…


Each and every one of us have packed our bags and moved away from all of our family and friends back home to settle in Adelaide to complete our university studies.

Most of us have come from country SA, while others have crossed the border, (the Mexicans have invaded), and a selected few have sailed across high seas to unite here at SEM, the greatest residential college in Adelaide.

With only 50 boarders this year at SEM, we are bound to get around the unity and create lifelong friendships with our neighbours down the corridor, or even those who are a floor or two away!

We all enjoy a quality meal from the Refectory, especially when Apricot Chicken is on the menu, it’s my favourite meal by far!

You’re not a true SEM Boarder if you haven’t at least once been guilty of having a half an hour shower under the state-of-the-art shower heads.

It’s always fun to see how high you can pile up your washing, where it is inevitable you will be chasing after clothes that have fallen out of the basket as you make your way down to the laundry blind-sighted.

Everyone gets around a cold beverage (or a few) on a Thursday night in the Student Centre, which is essentially what every SEM Boarder lives for.

This beverage is often accompanied by a competitive game of pool, as the SEM Drinking Song is sung to someone on the other side of the room.

A more relaxed night on a weekend would generally involve getting all of your friends together and putting on a movie in one of the common rooms, which always eventually gets drowned out by a gossip session.

SEM life is all about having fun and making lifelong friends, but at the same time, finding time to study!

Watch this space for more updates and blog posts on the things that matter in the life of a SEM Boarder.

If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest shenanigans that are going off with a bang here at SEM, head over to Facebook and Twitter:


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